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Lydia Day!!!


What a DAY! We started up at the crack of 3:30AM this morning – we think it was something to do with Lydia Day! After packing and a quick breakfast, we checked out of our hotel at 7:20 and met Zhou and our driver for the 90 minute drive to New Day, which is on […]

Words cannot the last hour – all that we can say right now is that our entire family is blessed beyond compare! It’s 11:00am and we’re closing in on the Beijing Airport for our flight to Zhengzhou. We’ll check back in once we have decent access. Love, Tami, Andy & Lydia

What a Day!


Well folks, it was all that we were told about and more. So much that we want to share, but we don’t want to bore anyone, so we’ll share highlights. This morning started with a meal here at the the Holiday Inn – it was a breakfast buffet, Beijing Style – a few ‘normal’ western […]

Hi everyone!  We’re getting our day started here in Beijing – it’s 6:30am our time, 5:30pm yours.   Tami has been up since 3:30 – she’s been fighting some sort of cough since before we left and the dry air on the plane and in the hotel is beating her up. Tami hopped out of the […]

We’re Here!!!


Hi everyone!  It’s Tami and Andy from the the Downtown Beijing Holiday Inn, and we are here, safe, sound and WORN OUT!  We’ve been on the go for about 24 hours and are settling into our hotel room for some rest.  Our flight over from Chicago to Beijing was delayed by a couple of hours, […]

Hi all, Andy here.  Lots comes to mind as our countdown to Lydia brings us closer to our travel date in two days, but the word that we find ourselves saying most is “Blessed”.  So many of you have been with our family every step of the way, which has helped more than we can say.  We […]