2 Days and Counting!!!


Hello all in snowy Perry, Ohio!  We’d love to say we feel your pain, but we almost had to reach for the sunblock today – baha!!!

We cannot WAIT to come home!  While we love it here, we’ve had our fill of travels and hotel life.  Tami and I cannot wait for some American cuisine…Grandma’s meatloaf, carrots and iced tea (LOTS of ice!).  REAL Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi…ditto the ice…

We did, however have a kickin’ Chinese meal tonight, and Uncle Zhou wasn’t even there to help us order!  Yes, Pappy, they DO have Sweet and Sour Pork here, and we had some great shrimp and garlic broccoli.  Lydia loves all things green, so she made a meal of mostly broccoli and we tried to sneak in some pork where we could.

The only drawback to the meal was a couple Cambodian 20-somethings sitting next to us chain smoking like a room full of Kirby salesmen on a bad lead day.  Whew.  Fork in one hand, cigarette in the other hand.  Answer cell phone.  Repeat.

Where we are staying in Downtown Guanzhou is pretty much contained to a 2 or 3-block area and is mostly shops selling the same variety of collectibles and souvenirs.  We found that by shopping around, we could really save on sweet moolah.  We’ve got a great booty of goods coming home with us.  Let’s put it this way…we’re buying a huge piece of luggage for $10 U.S. to get everything home.  Shwing!

I’d best head out – we’re going to get an early start on the day tomorrow – we’ve got our U.S. Consulate appointment at 3:00pm and we also have to wedge in some last-minute shopping before and after.

We had really hoped to post a few more times than we have here in Guangzhou, but the wild child (video below) and awful Internet connection here has made lie a little difficult.  Enjoy the vid and the pictures.  Check the Videos section above for something I put together back in Beijing (Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City)    Am also adding a BubbleShare link or all of our photo collections.

See you all in a couple days!!!



7 Responses to “2 Days and Counting!!!”

  1. 1 Janelle

    TAMI!! IF you go to that peral shop again (or see anything like it) can you purchase a white pearl bracelet for me?! I want to wear it with my wedding dress…I’ll even pay you back for it! Thanks!!! 🙂

  2. 2 Tim

    Sweet! She will fit right in with those other 2 crazy kids of yours!

  3. 3 kelsey,kortney,alexa, and abby

    oh my goodness! She is sooo cute and CRAZY!! We cant wait for you guys to come home!!!! We all are doing great… We are all at the Klines house having fun on our SNOW DAY!!!!!! WAHOOO!!! Ok, well we all miss and love you three!!! Say hi to Lydia for us!!!
    ~Abby, Alexa, Kelsey, and Kortney

  4. 4 Lil and Pete

    She is a darling! And you are so blessed. Abby and Alexa are here with us now. You have three beautiful daughters and we send our blessings to you! We will be anxious to meet your daughter.
    Lil and Pete

  5. Dear Lydia,
    I simply cannot wait to meet you….I know you will fit in perfectly with this crazy family! PaPa got in the attic today and got down a whole box of dolls and doll clothes that were Aunt Amy’s. I’m washing them and getting them all ready for you! I hope you are a very good girl on the plane trip home and I’ll see you in less that 48 hours.

    Love, Gramma Cege

  6. 6 Colleen

    I love the laugh- it is fabulous! Maeve says she can’t wait to share her Care Bears with Lydia, and Gavin would like to teach her how to flush the toilet!? Can’t wait to see you! Love you all!

  7. 7 Shannon - Kortneys friend

    Aww how cute … lidia is so cute …. she will fit right in with those two kline twins!!! Good luck! 🙂
    P.S. loving that hair!! ha! so cute ..

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