We’re Home


Yeah, we’ve been slacking – no posts in 3 whole days!!! 

We finally made it home to Perry at 9:00pm on Thursday Evening to some very happy big sisters.

According to our calculations, we started our day in China at 4:00pm EST Wednesday – hmmm, 29 hours start-to-finish, and Lydia slept for maybe 4 hours total.  It was brutal & exhausting and everything in between.  Lydia was a trooper, but at times a real handful.  Thankfully, United’s roomy economy seating provided plenty of room for the three of us and all of our gear (sarcasm!).  We arrived in Chicago to find out that our flight to Cleveland was CANCELLED(!?!?!) and we were bumped from the standby list on the next flight out.  We finally made a flight back to Cleveland after a long 5 hour layover at O’Hare. 

Note to self for next time – carry-on only the bare essentials and the breakables.  We were frazzled enough with a little one and 3 security check hassles (Guangzhou, Hong Kong  Chicago) – the extra burden of our carry-on items got my panties in a bunch more than once.  ME?  Panties in a bunch?  Nawwww… 

Now home, Lydia has been as great as we’d hoped after our first week together in China.  Very outgoing, funny and playful.  She LOVES her big sisters and the family who has stopped by.  Sleeping has been good, as we think the exhaustion and lack of sleep coming home jump-started her getting used to our time zone.

Not much else to share just yet, but we got the girls dolled up for a quick holiday shot:

We’ll probably cut back our posting to a weekly basis, so stop on back the next time you think of it. 

The blog was fantastic to keep in touch with you all while we traveled, and we thank you for checking in and for the prayers, e-mails and support.  We would ask everyone to keep the folks at New Day and the children there in your prayers, as well as the thousands orphans of China, many of whom may never get a forever family.

For those who wondered how the heck we pulled the blog off with a new little one – we’ll just say that after-hours television in China was a bit lacking, so it was blog and e-mail time when kiddo was down for the count.  ;^)

Take care and we’ll check in soon.

~ Andy, Tami, Alexa, Abby & Lydia ~


One Response to “We’re Home”

  1. 1 Janelle

    Your girls are beautiful- and this photo makes lydia look like a porcelin doll.

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