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We’re Home


Yeah, we’ve been slacking – no posts in 3 whole days!!!  We finally made it home to Perry at 9:00pm on Thursday Evening to some very happy big sisters. According to our calculations, we started our day in China at 4:00pm EST Wednesday – hmmm, 29 hours start-to-finish, and Lydia slept for maybe 4 hours […]

Grab Kleenex


We’ll be home on the 7th, and CANNOT WAIT!!! Much love, Tami, Andy & Lydia

Hello all in snowy Perry, Ohio!  We’d love to say we feel your pain, but we almost had to reach for the sunblock today – baha!!! We cannot WAIT to come home!  While we love it here, we’ve had our fill of travels and hotel life.  Tami and I cannot wait for some American cuisine…Grandma’s […]

We hear you’ve been waiting for a post….. Hi friends and family!  Sorry it’s been a while since we updated.  The computers here are a bit slow (Andy says there are hamsters on wheels running the internet over here).  It’s been a great day here in Guangzhou.  The weather here is beautiful (sunny and 65 […]

Hi all!  We’re here at the Zhengzhou Airport waiting for our 6:00 flight to Guangzhou…today is ‘Amazing Race’ day – lots of running around, but it’s all good! Started the day in Luoyang and on drive to airport, took in the Shaolin Temple and padoga forest there – hit Wikipedia for more info… Shaolin is […]

Halfway Home!


Hi all!  Andy/Dad/Drew here.  It’s hard to believe that we are halfway through our trip already!!!  Zhou told us this morning at breakfast that we would be taking off from Luoyang a day early to allow for a little more time in Guangzhou, which is our last stop before flying home on Thursday.   Guangzhou is […]

It’s official…in the eyes of the Chinese Government, we are Lydia’s forever family.  When we touch down in Chicago, on December 7, 2006 Lydia will be an American citizen! We started off the day eating another delicious authentic Chinese breakfast consisting of noodles, dim sum (yummy dumplings filled with a variety of different things), fresh […]