Lydia Pics

Happy Girl – October, 2006

Tami calls this the “Looks like a Stinker” picture – Spring, 2006

The Mugshot – February, 2006

Strike a Pose, vogue – February, 2006

“Man, this is a lame Big Wheel” – February, 2006

Gnawing on what we hope is a cookie – February, 2006


11 Responses to “Lydia Pics”

  1. 1 David and Tama Marks

    We are praising the Lord with you all! This brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful for you all! We will be covering you in prayer and praying for that little girls sake, that you have her by December! Isn’t God amazing? When He wants something done, He gets it done. Why are we always surprised by that? We will be praying for safe travel there and back for you, too. May the LORD bless you abundantly and give you great joy, David and Tama

  2. 2 Susan Griggs

    This is AWESOME news! Can’t wait to meet our newest family member! “I can’t put my arms down” — so cute! Talk to you soon — love you, Susan

  3. 3 Jeff and Brenda Wilson

    Tami and Andy,
    What wonderful news! We can’t wait to meet Lydia. She looks like a doll! Gd bless you and your THREE beautiful girls.
    In Christ, Jeff and Brenda

  4. 4 Elizabeth Bullard

    Tami & Andy: I just read through your intro of your daughter Lydia. How wonderful it is that you will be bringing her home soon. God does indeed work in mysterious ways – and this must be one of them. I wish you a safe journey to your little Lydia. She is beautiful and deserves what you have in store for her. I’m sure she will adjust fast once you have her. Having one of these girls myself – and waiting for our next referral – I know how strong these little girls are – they have to be. Best of Luck – may you have a safe journey -and please know that prayers are with you.

  5. 5 Nancy Doremus

    The Lord is truly blessing you. November is the month of Thanksgiving, let’s hope you can be thankful to have “hands-on” on Lydia.
    You are always in our prayers.
    Nancy & Chuck

  6. 6 Rob and Barbara Scofield

    were praying for you and rejoicing with you…..In Christ, Rob

  7. 8 Abby

    hi Mom and Dad;)
    I hope you feel better Mom;) I LOVE YOU

  8. 9 Aunt Judy Tannish

    Hi Tam and Drew, This will go down in history, at least our family’s history! What a neat thing you’re doing for ALL of us. Can hardly wait to meet her and to have you safely home! Love to all, the Auntie

  9. 10 Tina Stropkey

    I am so happy for all of you!! She is beautiful and is so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family!! I can’t waite to meet her!! I am praying for your safe and speedy return! Hurry back!!!!!!

  10. 11 Barry

    What an adorable baby! Good luck with your bundle of joy!

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