“Lydia Day!”

The Wild Child

Lydia Cuteness

Lydia’s First Dinner

Great Wall of China, Badaling
November 29th, 2006

Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
Beijing, China
November 29th, 2006


10 Responses to “Videos”

  1. Hi mom,dad,and Lydia

  2. 2 Mary Fraley

    These are awesome videos! They bring back such happy memories in our family. God bless you as you are united with your new daughter!

  3. 3 Aunt Bubbi

    Oh, my! She’s awesome and beautiful. Can’t wait to see her in person, however, with these amazing videos it feels like I’m there. Yea, right. I wish!

    I check every computer that I’m near in hopes of more info and pix. If I wake up in the night to pee, I’m at the computer before and after.

    I pray for your safety, health and stamina. I love you guys so much.

    Mom is well. Patiently awaiting your return.


  4. 4 Juli

    T & A-
    Your “third girl” is beautiful! I can’t believe how good these pictures are and the videos as well. Everyone I know is checking in on your site daily and we’re all praying for your safe return. Abby and Lex are doing just fine, mom too. We all can’t wait until you come home. Safe travels!

  5. 5 pastor mike

    Congratulations… You have all of us here rejoicing for you! What a beautiful little girl!
    you are in our prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 6 Janelle

    I saw the first video (so cool), but now I can’t click on any others…I want to see herrrr!! 🙂

  7. 7 Scott

    Ahlo from America. You guys have to go through the movies with us when you get back. We can not tell which ones are you. You blend in so well with the natives.

    Congrats on the pick-up. She looks beautiful. See you soon.

    P.S. get the recipe for that chicken cranium soup. Mmmm.

  8. Tami, Andy and Lydia,

    Jake is glad that you made it to the second level on Human Frogger! We can’t wait to hear more about the camel at the Great Wall. Lydia looks like she fits right in with the Roberts girls–beautiful, always smiling and a good future mom from what we can tell from the one clip! Keep the updates coming! We miss you and love to keep up with what you are doing!

  9. To cute!!! I love the video when Lydia jumps up in the air and falls on the bed!!!She is such a little monster! While I better get ready for school. See you soon!

    Love you,

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